AR Mover – A Mover & Packer App in Dhaka: How Did We Help to Launch It?

AR Mover – A Mover & Packer in Dhaka: How Did We Help to Launch It?

AR Mover: A Mover & Packer Operating in Dhaka

The inspiration of AR Mover was originally generated by a relative of our co-founder, M U Kafi. The founder of AR Mover app is a businessman who has an extensive experience of working in the market of Singapore. He was quite hopeful about his latest venture. On the other hand, our co-founder, Mr. Kafi was unsure about it due to the probable risk and numerous competitions in current industry.

Cheesecake Technologies was given 4 particular tasks for his initiative:

  1. Mobile App Development (Android)
  2. Logo & Cover Photo Design
  3. Social Media Page Creation
  4. Social Media Engagement

After generating the business plan, we had to create the mobile app which is the soul of the idea. The app is pretty simple and was created with Cordova. The layout and instructions are also very easy. After installing the AR Mover app, you only need to choose your category and fill up essential info required by the app. After providing your info, a request will be sent to server. The admin panel of AR Mover will receive your request and contact you soon.

The next step was to create a logo and cover photo to initiate social media engagement – mostly from Facebook. Our freelance designer was assigned the task. He did a splendid job here.

AR Mover: Cover Photo

But obviously the development itself is not enough – we were assigned the task of increasing the installs of the app through social media. The results of our social media campaigns were simply fantastic. Within the first week, we crossed 1K likes on Facebook and received a lot of responses. We were getting many requests from several customers.

Stats of AR Mover Facebook Page within a week

After completing a 1 week campaign, we were able to capture 1.8k like on the official Facebook page. We started to get reviews on Google PlayStore as well.

The next campaign started after a few days as our client was very much satisfied with our performance. Just like our previous campaign, we started to get hits. This time, we were also receiving Facebook messages from the customers. We moved them into another category and a contact number was given instantly to contact the admin.

We have been working with AR Mover for some time now. They are one of our long-term clients. This is one of the brands that we built and was launched in the market. We hope to help newer brands in this particular case as well. Please get in touch with the contact form or email at

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