AR Mover – A Mover & Packer App in Dhaka: How Did We Help to Launch It?

AR Mover – A Mover & Packer in Dhaka: How Did We Help to Launch It? The inspiration of AR Mover was originally generated by a relative of our co-founder, M U Kafi. The founder of AR Mover app is a businessman who has an extensive experience of working in the market of Singapore. He[…]

Thank You, Team Players!

Three team players of Cheesecake Technologies received our token of appreciation for their hard work. They worked with varied projects on behalf of our team and played a major role in making them successful. We would like to thank you for your contribution. The awardees were: Shahril Ahmed Siddiquee, Junior Designer, Cheesecake Technologies Bonnishikha Nigar[…]

Basics of Neuromarketing: Science Meets Marketing

What is Neuromarketing? : Neurology + marketing = neuromarketing **Neuromarketing is a trendy term, so please do not get confused, it actually exists! ** Neuromarketing is an advanced brain science which has the ability to make an impact on marketing on customers. Neuromarketing can be considered as one of the most effective brand marketing strategy[…]