Branding Milestones – Naming Your Brand

We recently named an American online suits brand. After a thorough research, we generated more than 50+ names. We had to understand the demands of our clients to make sure they receive what they are actually looking for. Finally, after sending out the last ones, they confirmed a name which was ‘Grey Hatman’. They were also open to ‘Gray Hatman’ but they wanted to conduct votes for it.

Cheesecake Technologies | Brand Guidelines

Naming a brand consists of several steps. You need to engage with your client well enough to understand their language.
We created 5 steps for naming a brand which include learning about the brand, brainstorming, evaluating and conducting research.
Branding is a long process and your name definitely matters!

At Cheesecake Technologies, we take branding very seriously. In spite of being tech enthusiasts, we know how to brand ourselves and make a corporation or organization looks good in front of their customers, investors and definitely competitors!

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